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Equipment shipping

Personal delivery or by courier:

You can deliver your equipment to our service center either personally or by courier shipping company. In case of shipping you can order the courier to pick up the package from your location by phone or online, for example from:

UPS http://www.ups.com/content/corp/worldwide/europe/index.html?WT.svl=SubNav
DHL http://www.dhl.com/en/contact_center/contact_express.html
TNT http://www.tnt.com/

Please do not include battery, memory cards, power supplies, tripod plate, etc. unless accessories also needs repair or are essential to the equipment malfunction.

It is very important that you include inside the package your full contact information (return address, email and phone number) and a short problem description. There is no need to issue RMA numbers or other documents. In case of warranty repair you should also include a copy of proof of purchase (invoice, receipt, etc.).

You can also outsource our company and let us schedule a shipping from your location at our expense. In this case we require from you to send us by email or via the contact form your phone number and the address from which the shipment should be received. We will email you a bill of lading, which you must print and attach to the package or give to the courier. In this case the shipping cost will be added to the total price of the service.

We do not offer pick-of parcel-mail from post offices. Please do not send the equipment in this way, because most likely it will be returned to you without being delivered to us.

Packaging your equipment:

The best idea is to send the equipment in its original factory packaging box or a hard case. If you don’t have the original box then use a box made from hard, dry and undamaged cardboard. The device (camera, recorder, etc.) must be so placed in the package the way it won’t touch any cardboard walls. Between the device and the cardboard must be at least a few inches of protective material like bubble wrap, sponge or cloth to be able to absorb any impacts during transport. At the same time the device must be rigidly affixed inside the package.

A good solution is to place the device in a hard case. You can also put the camera in a regular camera bag and then put the bag into the carton.

Shipping insurance:

Virtually all carriers have in their offer shipping insurance. Please insure the package to the estimated equipment current value. The cost of insurance is not high but its really worth your peace of mind.
Please, however, keep in mind that improperly packaged device (eg. too loosely placed in the package, carelessly taped package, etc.) may create grounds for refusing damage compensation by the courier company.

Shipping address:

Equipment should be addressed to:
Euro Cori
Zaborze 34L
32-090 Słomniki


Attention and contact person: Anna Fleszar
phone. +48 662-152-744

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